Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre

“Passion for performance

The Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre is a centre of excellence where all orthopedic, diagnostic and treatment modalities can be utilised in combination with experience, specific knowledge and individual attention.


Three Day ISELP Modules

This is a yearly international conference at SMDC for equine orthopedic clinicians. In eight different modules Prof. Dr. J.M. Denoix lectures on in depth anatomy, clinical examination, biomechanics and diagnostic imaging of the horse. These modules are presented at numerous different hospitals around the globe and SMDC is proud to be one of these hosts.

In addition to the three day modules for veterinarians, ISELP is also organizing the so called Student Seminars for students.

Advanced Imaging

SMDC Advanced Imaging is a collaboration between SMDC and top sporthorse veterinarians Dr. Frank van Hoeck and Dr. Willem Verhaeghe. Utilising our advanced imaging techniques, MRI and Scintigraphy, we are able to examine the standing horse in greater detail than ever before. These standing techniques do not require anesthesia so return examinations are not an issue which allows for excellent follow-up recommendations.