Erik Bergman, DVM

Certified Purchase-veterinarian, FEI treating vet, Diplomate ECAR, Certified ISELP, Ass. Member LA ECVDI, Academic consultant Ghent University, Diplomate ECVSMR

Dr Erik Bergman graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of Ghent, Belgium in 1996. Directly after graduation, he worked in the department of Equine Reproduction and Obstetrics in Ghent (Belgium) under supervision of Prof A. de Kruif.  After working in Australia for a season as a theriogenologist, he moved his work to Lienden (The Netherlands). In 2000, Dr.Bergman was one …

Frans van Toor, DVM

Certified ISELP, certified CERP

Dr Frans van Toor graduated from the University of Utrecht in 1989. Directly after graduating, he began working at the Veterinary Clinic Bodegraven in Bodegraven, The Netherlands. In 1990, Dr. van Toor started working at the equine veterinary clinic “de Raaphorst”, Wassenaar, The Netherlands. At this clinic, under the supervision of Dr. Hans van Schie, Dr. van Toor began specializing in …

Brenda Hoogelander, DVM

Certified Pre-purchase veterinarian, Teamveterinarian Paradressage, FEI treating vet, Chiropractor (FES cert.), Equine Dentist (NVVGP cert.), certified ISELP

Dr Brenda Hoogelander graduated from the University of Utrecht in 2002. During her study, she did various externships in Germany, United States of America and South Africa. After graduation, she completed an internship at Dierenkliniek Emmeloord.

Elisabeth Van Veggel, DVM

Veterinarian, Board Certified Radiologist, Diplomate ECVDI, ISELP certified

Dr van Veggel graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. She was born in the Netherlands but immigrated to Canada with her parents in her early teens. She is at the start of her career and is specializing in equine sports medicine. Dr van Veggel is currently completing an ECVDI (specialist for medical imaging) residency at the University of Ghent.  Dr.van Veggel helps with the daily clinical examination and imaging at the clinic and is responsible for the MRI imaging at SMDC. Dr. van Veggel passed the ISELP Certification in 2018 and currently is world’s youngest ISELP certified member.

Stefan Cokelaere, DVM

DVM, Diplomate ECVS, FES certified and Diplomate ACVSMR

Doctor Stefan Cokelaere originates from Belgium and graduated from vet school at the University of Ghent in 2001. After his study, he did multiple externships abroad including in London, Ontario (Canada), Newmarket (United Kingdom) and in Ohio (United States of America). Furthermore, Stefan completed a year long internship at the Veterinary Clinic de Bosdreef in Moerbeke-Waas (Belgium).  From 2002-2005, Stefan completed a large animal surgical residency at the University of Ghent.

Marco van Schie, DVM

DVM, CEqD, Certifi ed NVVGP, AED, IAED and IGFP

Marco van Schie graduated in 2002 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. After graduation, he worked for 1.5 years at DAP Vaassen, a practice for farm animals, horses and companion animals. He then went to work at Lingehoeve Veterinary Medicine, where he further immersed himself in equine medicine. Here, Marco specialized in equine dentistry and became certified at the Academy of Equine Dentistry (USA).

Thijs van Loon, DVM

Veterinarian, European specialist in Anaethesolgy and Analgesia, Diplomate ECVAA, PhD

Doctor Thijs van Loon graduated in 2000 from the Utrecht Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating, he worked for 3 years at Dierenhospitaal Visdonk in Roosendaal. After the first year with a lot of general practice, he started to focus on equine anesthesia and internal medicine.

Angelica Enström Verbaan, DVM


Doctor Angelica Enström Verbaan graduated in 2020 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. She is originally Swedish, but moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to work as a rider at a jumping stable. After graduating, she worked at the clinic of Dr. Jonas Tornell (former team veterinarian) in Sweden with the guidance and treatment of (top) sport horses. Here she gained a lot of experience with the UTC technique (ultrasound tissue characterization), in which horses with tendon injuries are diagnosed and followed up. Now she is back in the Netherlands and wants to specialize in sport horse medicine and imaging. Angelica is currently working on the ISELP modules with the aim of becoming certified. From the 1st of October 2022 she will be working at the SMDC.

Kurt Selberg, DVM

Veterinarian, Board Certified Radiologist, Diplomate DACVR, ISELP certified

Doctor Kurt Selberg graduated from Washington State university and completed his residency at Colorado State University.

Luis Martín Alonso, DVM

Veterinarian, internship

Bo Staal

Equine Technician

Mariëlle van Mourik



Suzanne Kroese


Roy de Vogel

Equine Technician

Marieke Bogaers

Equine Technician

Colin Stacey

Equine Technician

Jessy Smulders


Dewi Bergman – van Mechelen

Animal Physiotherapist, Chiropractor (FES)

Denise de Wilde

Animal Physiotherapist, Horse Manual Therapist (AEB)

Kees Alblas


Daniel Planas


Wilma Nicolaas Ponder

Administrative assistent

Amanda Groen

Administrative assistent

Renee Zomers

Equine dentist